For three generations and counting, Coffee Max and the Crivelli family has helped Melburnians fall in love with fine coffee.

As an award-winning coffee roaster, we are proud to help coffee enthusiasts and cafe owners develop coffee that is unique to them.

We select the finest coffee beans from around the world and hand-roast them daily in small batches in our acclaimed Probat roaster. Our passion for purity, quality, and supplying the freshest, finest coffee beans remains as high as it was when Grandad Crivelli arrived from Italy in 1959.

Our mission is to help you create the ultimate coffee experience. Check out our shop for our premium coffee beans, our latest blends, equipment and coffee roasting classes. Or if you have any questions, contact us here.

Whether you love a good cup of coffee in the morning or want something tailored to your tastebuds, we have everything you need to bring a slice of coffee luxury to your home.



Coffee Max supplies top quality coffee beans that fills the house with a beautiful coffee aroma, which only coffee lovers an understand. And Dino is super awesome to deal with. So excited to be working with Coffee Max for my daily dose of coffee and as a business supplier.
Claudia Cotrone
Claudia Cotrone
07:52 04 Oct 20
Great quality beans.... and delivery was mega fast (same day!)
Monty 1989
Monty 1989
08:06 21 Sep 20
Big round of applause to the team at Coffee Max! I took the leap and signed up for the online coffee subscription and my beans were delivered fresh to my door the next day - amazing service. Thanks also for the free litre of MilkLab with my first delivery! It's great coffee milk but what I'm totally blown away by is the way the nutty & caramel flavours of the Peruvian Hero I ordered shine through in my latte. Without exaggeration, it's the best coffee I've ever had - and that's extraordinary because I'm having it at home!
Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson
01:01 16 Sep 20
We have been drinking Coffee Max exclusively for close to 10 years now. Great coffee and excellent value. Kudos to Dino and team
Scott Wlossak
Scott Wlossak
12:00 26 Aug 20
Top quality coffee beans and priced quite reasonably. I have been a long term in-store customer due to the delicious beans and have just made my first online order. I was delighted to say the least - ordered at night and it was there on my doorstep the next morning. They kindly included some complimentary beans to try. Fantastic quality and service.
Michael Garrott
Michael Garrott
07:29 04 Aug 20
I've just sat down to a cup of your PNG Organic and it is so bloody delicious that I just had to get in touch and say thank you.I received my first order of beans from you a couple of weeks ago and I was delighted with both the speed of delivery and the quality of your packaging. The bonus packets of hot chocolate were a delightful and unexpected surprise! Thank you, they also proved to be delicious!With Melbourne's fascination with highly acidic, filter orientated coffee I've struggled to find a full bodied, slightly darker style of bean that I really enjoy. Your style of roasting is exactly what I've been looking for and I'm delighted to be able to say that my search for my perfect roaster is now over.
Adam John
Adam John
06:24 31 Jul 20
Dino is an enthusiastic and passionate roaster, and the coffee beans from Coffee Max are my go-to choice. Well priced for the quality, and consistently good. Shout out to my favourite beans Mrs Crivelli and Peruvian Hero (Crema).
Paul Duncan
Paul Duncan
06:44 27 Jul 20
Melbourne's best coffee, have been drinking it for nearly 20yrs. Great home delivery service. Highly recommend.
James Will
James Will
11:23 27 Apr 20
Best place for coffee beans, they know their blends & roasts and are happy to help you find the best one for your tastes.
Pippa Charles
Pippa Charles
01:54 23 Sep 19

Our story started over sixty years ago, when my grandfather migrated to Melbourne from Italy.

After seeing the shortage of quality coffee available, he began roasting coffee beans from his garage. Word quickly got around about his unique coffee, and he opened his cafe in 1959.

But it wasn’t just his coffee beans that made it a successful business, it was innovation too. We where the first ones to introduce vaccum-packs for our coffee in Australia, helping revolutionise coffee supply.

My father eventually took over the business and instilled the family passion in me to carry on our legacy.

We’re proud of our history and part in shaping Melbourne’s coffee culture into what it is today. That’s why we remaindevoted to sharing our passion for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

We focus on:

  • Coffee bean source transparency
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • A win-win for our suppliers and customers
  • Providing customers with a unique and distinct coffee experience

We invite you to reach out if you have any questions about coffee.
Whether you want some advice about getting started in coffee roasting,
choosing coffee beans or creating a flavour profile, we are here to help.

Dino Crivelli

Owner – Coffee Max




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