How to Make the Perfect Crema

Coffee lovers are obsessed with it, and once you understand the importance of crema to a good coffee, it’s easy to understand why.

Besides making your cup of coffee look amazing, crema is the essence of coffee – literally! 


Because it locks in the coffee’s aroma until it’s drunk. 

So, if you love that freshly brewed coffee smell, here’s how to give your coffee the perfect crema, every time. 


The optimum coffee extraction time is between 25-30 seconds

Extracting for this long will ensure your coffee is ground at the right setting. If the coffee is ground too coarse, water will run through it – if it is ground too fine, water will struggle to get through. 

So, when extracting your coffee, it’s essential to find a balance. 

How Many Grams of Coffee Should Go in the Basket?

Ideally, you should have approximately 20-22 grams of dry coffee in your porter filter. 

To get a perfect yield (the finished product that goes in your cup), you’ll need to stick to a 1:2 coffee/water ratio. This means that for 20g of coffee, you’ll need 40g of liquid. A ratio any different will change the flavour. For a milder flavour, increase the ratio to 1:1.2-1.4. 

Since minimal differences in ratios can drastically change flavour, we highly recommend using scales. These will give you an accurate indicator of how you’re tracking with your ratios as you prepare your coffee, taking the guesswork out of the process.  

High-end machines, such as the La Pavoni Cellini Premium will have in-built scales and timers.

If your machine doesn’t doesn’t have this feature, you can quickly and easily add some stylish and affordable scales to your order, such as the Brewista Smart Scale, and have it conveniently delivered along with your coffee from us!

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