Three Ways to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Stale coffee is the worst, so making sure your beans stay fresh is as important to your coffee-making as the beans themselves!

How Does Coffee Lose its Freshness?

When coffee is exposed to air, it becomes oxidised and goes stale. Add in heat, sunlight and moisture, and say goodbye to your coffee staying fresh!

To avoid exposure to the elements and keep those beans fresh and full of life, Coffee Max has a range of storage options available in-store that will ensure your coffee stays as fresh as the day we roasted it.

Our Top Three Solutions

1. The Simple Solution: The Coffee Max Bax

All our coffee comes in foil bags, which do an excellent job of keeping your beans fresh. 

Specially designed with a one-way valve, the bags release carbon dioxide and gas, ensuring there’s nothing but pure coffee in the bag.

So, as long as you seal them well, our bags will keep your coffee fresh and help retain its flavour profile. 

2. The Step Up: Acrylic Canisters

Acrylic canisters seal beautifully, keeping the coffee fresh and protected from those pesky elements. When choosing, look for canisters with air-tight seals to give your coffee that extra layer of sealed protection.

3. For the Coffee Connoisseur: Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

With a modern matte black stainless steel design, this is the ‘primo’ coffee storage method on the market. The canister sucks out all the air, with an indicator light to let you know as soon as your coffee is in an optimal, airtight condition.

And, when you’re ready to use it, getting your coffee out is as simple as hitting a button.

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