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How to Get Perfect Foam for your Latte or Cappuccino

The Milk: Fresh is Best

When you steam milk, I recommend using fresh milk every time. 

The fresher the milk, the creamier it is, and the easier it foams. 

The best place to leave the steam wand is just underneath the surface. Always avoid putting it all the way into the milk. 

What to Look and Listen for

Burnt milk ruins a coffee, so be mindful of the temperature you’re steaming at, optimally set at about 65°C. 

And when you are frothing, try to ensure your milk is stretching and spinning in a circular motion.

If you follow these steps, your milk-based coffees will be as good as professional quality lattes and cappuccinos!

Frothers: We Like…

The Rhino Classic Milk Pitcher is specially formulated for coffee making, and will give your milk steaming skills that extra edge!.

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