The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Makers

Ready to take the next step in your coffee adventure from home? 

Well, Coffee Max is here to help!

There are many ways to make a great cup of coffee, and the only way to judge the “best” one for you comes down to your own personal taste and the coffee you like.

Coffee Max sells a variety of coffee makers for a range of brewing methods, so read on and let us help you find your new favourite!


A traditional old-school Italian method that ranks number one in many coffee cultures, mostly because it produces a full-bodied, strong coffee. Perfetto!

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Invented in 2005, the AeroPress is the newest brewing device on our list. Great for beginners, it’s super easy to use and produces a great clean taste thanks to the filter. Plus, as an added bonus, it’s perfect to take away on camping or road trips!

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French Press

Another no-fuss brewing method, the French Press is perfect for those who want a milder flavoured coffee that has the bonus of not being filtered, allowing a more whole saturation of the coffee and oils.

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Also known as pour-over coffee, and hugely popular in America, filter coffee is made by pouring hot water through ground coffee in filter paper, straight into your cup or mug, offering you clean, well-balanced flavours.

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The superstar of coffee and the one you’ll most likely get from your favourite café, espresso is made by forcing pressurised water through finely ground coffee. It has a more robust taste and therefore is your best bet if you like your coffee with milk.

While there’s no doubt it’s the most expensive way to make coffee, for the purists who can’t always get out to their favourite cafe, it’ll be worth every cent.

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Found one you like?

Don’t forget to let us know when you buy any of our single-origin or blends which can be ground especially for your specific coffee-making paraphernalia!

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